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Svaroopa® Yoga

6-7:30 pm  Svaroopa® Continuing Yoga Class

9-10:30 am   Svaroopa® Continuing Yoga Class

8-9:30 am    Svaroopa® Continuing Yoga Class

Classes start on time. Please arrive 10 minutes early to settle in.  Wear loose comfortable clothing.  No need to bring yoga mats.  All yoga props are provided.  No perfumes or scented lotions please.


Standard Rate:  $20/class

Multi-Class Discounts:

$96 for 6 Class Punch Card (expires 7 weeks from purchase).  This 6 Class card comes with an option of one private yoga therapy session at a reduced rate of $55.

$150 for 10 Class Punch Card (expires 12 weeks from purchase).

Private/semi-private Intro Classes – $45/person per class for up to 4 classes.


To register, please email annie@truepathyoga.today or call (603) 643-3545.


Payment may be made by cash or check to Central Street Yoga & Meditation.  Standard Class fees are due prior to class.  Punch Card fees are due in advance of the first class, and must be used within the specified number of weeks from purchase date.

Class Descriptions

Svaroopa® Yoga & Meditation 10-Class Series:  This class format has been part of the authentic yoga tradition for many millennia.  The series includes select physical practices of relaxation (Guided Awareness), breathing (Ujjayi Pranayama) and poses (Core Release).  The second half of the class features yoga’s teachings and Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation to open you even more to the deeper dimensions of your own Being.  Open to all, at the beginning of each series.  No prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary.

Intro to Svaroopa® Yoga:  Melt the tensions from your tailbone to the top with this compassionate and precise “core release” system of yoga.  Classes will progress through the first 3 Svaroopa® yoga themes, which feature the poses that serve as the foundation for all Svaroopa® yoga classes.  Open to all.

Svaroopa® Continuing Level 1:  Continuing Level 1 students have experienced the first 3 Svaroopa® yoga themes, have a basic understanding of those poses and how to prop themselves in them.  Classes will progress through themes 4-6 (abdominals, backbends, standing).  Open to all.

Svaroopa® Continuing Levels 2 & 3:  These classes are for experienced Svaroopa® yoga students who have taken the earlier levels, have a home practice, and are ready for themes 7-12 (forward bends, neck & shoulders, balance and inversions, classical poses, seated twists and vinyasa).  Experienced yogis may drop in with instructor’s permission.

Deeper Yoga:  Deeper yoga is for students who have been practicing Svaroopa® yoga for 1-2 years, have experienced the 12 introductory and continuing level themes, and who have an established Svaroopa® yoga home practice.  *Sorry, no drop-ins.

Cancellation Policy:

If class is cancelled for anything other than natural causes (weather, etc.), a $15 coupon will be provided and may be used either for a make-up class or credit toward the next purchase.  Make up classes may be scheduled according to space in the desired class, and within a reasonable time period (e.g. 2-4 weeks).  No coupons will be issued for student cancellations.

Winter Weather:

Mother Nature in Vermont does require that we cancel classes from time to time.  We do our best to notify all registered students via email or phone within a few hours prior to the class.  Classes cancelled due to winter weather will not be refunded.


If you’re ready to start a Svaroopa® yoga home practice, then you might want to order a few props.  If you’re unsure what to order,  I recommend 5 blankets and 2 blocks to start.  You can then fill in with more later if needed.

Here are links to a few vendors that supply the same or very similar props to those we use at Central Street Yoga.