Central Street Yoga & Meditation


Meditation 101 Course

Learn to meditate through an ancient yogic tradition, still relevant to your every day life.

Three 2-hour classes to include:

  • customizing your meditation seat
  • tools & techniques to propel you into meditation in your first week
  • teachings on yoga’s ancient philosophy
  • understanding your meditation experience, and opportunities to troubleshoot
  • setting up your home practice, and support throughout the course

This is not an on-going group meditation, but rather an intro course that will give you all the tools needed to develop a reliable home practice.  I have been meditating, using this system, for nearly 10 years, and it has changed my life.  I am thrilled to now be trained and authorized to share it with you.

Cost:  $75 early bird registration :: $100 standard registration.  (**Plan to attend all 3 classes; sorry, no drop-ins).

Please contact info@centralstreetyoga.com or 802-457-7420 for available course dates.

What students are saying about the Meditation 101 course ::

Q:  What have you gained from this experience?

“Enhancing everyday experiences.” 

“Reacting to situations calmly.” 

“Happier.  Lower stress level.”

“Peace of mind — help letting go of chatter in brain.  Power in group meditations.”

“A greater sense of letting the mantra work regardless of my thoughts or objections … It has an effect… Just trust that and positive effects will manifest.”

 “Changes in everyday life, more peaceful!” 

“Starting a daily practice, and realizing benefits right away.”

“Hearing the Teachings and seeing and feeling the effects on my mind and body.”