Central Street Yoga & Meditation

Overlap Healing

The term, Overlap Healing, refers to the treatment schedule for either Embodyment® Therapy or Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy healing modalities.  For more information on these, click on the corresponding headings above.

Overlap Healing is designed to ease you out of the “acute stage” of your condition in a safe and reliable progression and in a reasonably short amount of time.  The program may start with a simple Svaroopa® yoga breathing practice, or perhaps a pose or two.  Once you are out of the acute stage, you will continue with more gentle, non-strenuous poses to meet your body where you are at the moment.  You will gain the benefits (e.g. diminished pain, increased mobility, flexibility, ease in your body, mind and breath) incrementally at a steady, even pace that matches your body’s capacity for healing.

Sample Overlap Healing programs are listed below, and are designed according to how quickly you want to progress and how much time and money you can budget.  For the most reliable, most cost effective and fastest healing program, we recommend the Ten/Ten/Ten program.  The Five/Five/Five and Three/Three/Three programs are also excellent, and may be your preference for a starting place.  Please keep in mind that once the pain is gone and you feel better, the pr-existing tensional patterns in your body still need re-programming.  Svaroopa® yoga excels at this re-programming, which is what makes it different and why it is so effective.

Sample Overlap Healing Programs:

Ten/Ten/Ten – 30 sessions over 2 – 2 1/2 months

  • 10 sessions in 10 days (every day)
  • 10 sessions in 20 days (every other day)
  • 10 sessions in 5 weeks (twice a week)

Five/Five/Five – 15 sessions over 5-6 weeks

  • 5 sessions in 5 days (every day)
  • 5 sessions in 10 days (every other day)
  • 5 sessions in 3 weeks (twice a week for two weeks + one in third week)

All fees must be paid up front upon scheduling Overlap Healing.

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