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Embodyment® Therapy

“It all begins at the Tailbone!”

Embodyment® therapy is the most reliable way to release the muscles attached to your tailbone.  There are seven powerful muscles spanning through your hips and pelvis and connecting to your tailbone.  ALL pain, discomfort, disease, illness, emotional stress, etc. begins with your tightening the muscles attached to your tailbone.  You literally “tuck your tail” in response to whatever it is that causes these conditions.  Through Embodyment® therapy, those muscles relax and the tensional patterns unravel in a domino effect.  You may notice the difference in one or a few sessions, or it make take a series of sessions, or OVERLAP HEALING.  You will learn to live in an open, easy body and breath.

How is Embodyment® Administered?

Embodyment® is a non-invasive, gentle bodywork.  You simply lie in Shavasana, yoga’s resting pose (see photograph above).  Or if you cannot get on and off the floor, you may lie on a bed or table with some pillows under your knees.  Your therapist will place her or his hands in specific positions to target spinal muscles.  She or he will start with the muscles attached to your tailbone, and then work upward to release tensions through your lower, mid and upper back, affecting your entire body, even creating space for your internal organs to function effectively.

What conditions does Embodyment® help?

Embodyment® is healing on all levels —  physical, emotional, mental and more.  It is effective in treating:  aches, pains and injuries of all kinds; headaches, insomnia, sciatica, digestive disorders, anxiety, allergies, and many other chronic conditions.  It is also an effective complimentary protocol for easing side effects of medical treatments for cancer and other diseases.

How many Embodyment® sessions do I need?

This question depends on you, your condition and how much healing you desire.  Some people come for only a few sessions.  Some come regularly every week.  Some come intermittently.  If you are experiencing a condition for which you want the fastest, most effective healing possible, then you will want an Overlap Healing schedule.  Your therapist will provide you with a personalized home practice plan to do between appointments to help you to sustain the benefits from each session.  Over time, this plan will be enhanced and deepened until you can go longer and longer between appointments.  Our goal is to provide you with a reliable self-healing methodology so that you eventually no longer need Embodyment® sessions on a regular basis.  You may decide to join a yoga class to help keep you fine-tuned and progressing in your yoga practice.

Embodyment® Pricing – $70 for a single session; $300 for a series of five; or click on OVERLAP HEALING for further pricing options.