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Check back for next workshop with Yogeshwari (Lissa) Fountain in June, 2018.

Comments from Past Workshop Participants at CSYM

“Very powerful mix of meditation & working with the structural reality of our own bodies- That balance was excellent.”  4/2/17

“This workshop is like cleaning off the glass on my wood stove. As you scrub away the black soot, you experience an opening into your inner joy.” R.B. 4/2/17

“It was a weekend for me, to concentrate on my inner self as a stronger, happier person.” A.K. 4/2/17

“Don’t let anything stop you, go, go, go!” 4/2/17

“Take a weekend immersion —  you will receive so much — to carry you further on your path.” A.R. 4/3/16

“Do it!” C.J. 4/3/16

“I recommend this workshop to deepen and expand your practice.” R.K. 4/3/16

“More solid in my body; grounded.” L.S. 4/3/16

“Greater understanding of how the physical practices and the meditation practices work together to enhance consciousness.” C.J. 4/3/16

“No matter what the title, there is so much to gain from a two-day workshop.”S. 4/3/16